- Fees

Linwood Medical Centre Fees

Fees vary greatly with your age, your entitlement to subsidies and the services you require. We can give you an estimate over the phone depending on whether you want a consultation with a nurse or doctor, or whether you want other services as well.

Enrolment with us is free. Rates for patients who are not enrolled are higher than our standard fee.

An additional fee may be charged for complex or longer consultations.

A non attendance fee of $26.00 may be charged for appointments that are cancelled without sufficient notice.

Follow up appointments are not usually discounted. Please try to see the same doctor whenever possible for follow up of the same problem. This will result in better care for you.

Enrolled Patient Fees

The table of fees below shows our standard consultation fee for enrolled patients in the different age groups. Fees effective as of 5 April 2019.

Age (years) Standard Fee Community Service Card Weekend Standard Fee
0 - 13 Free Free Free for enrolled patients
$40 for casual patients
14 - 17 $31.00 12.50 $48.00
18 - 24 $44.00 18.50 $61.00 with Community Services Card / $76 without
25+ $47.00 18.50 $61.00 with Community Services Card / $76 without


Important Information

  • The above fees are the discounted rates if paid in full on the day. Reduced fees apply to Community Service Card holders. Please contact the Linwood Medical Centre for additional fee information.
  • You may also pay your account using internet banking. Please contact the Linwood Medical Centre and they will give you their bank account details and your reference number.