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Community Service Card Discount

Beginning 3 December, patients enrolled at Linwood Medical Centre and who hold a Community Services Card will be eligible for discounted visits.

Patients ages 14-17 (dependants of CSC holders) will be charged $12.50 and adults will be charged $18.50. Free children visits will be extended to include all patients under 14 years old.

In order to receive these discounted visits, patients must be enrolled with the practice. Enrolment does involve a few steps (including providing identification, note transfers, validation by the nationwide system, etc.) and therefore may not be completed on the day you sign up. Discounted visits will begin on the next calendar month following completed enrolment status.

Discounted visits will include standard 15-minute GP consults. Additional services (ECGs, blood draws) or irregular consults (work medicals, drivers certs, etc.) are not included in the discounted rate.

These discounts also do not extend to weekend consults or casual patients.

When attending an ACC visit with a GP and/or a nurse, patients with a community service card will also receive a discount. 14-17 year olds will be charged $12.50 and adults 18+ will be charged $20.

If you’re interested in applying for a Community Service Card, information can be found here.

Please book appointments ahead as you may not be able to get in to see your GP for a same-day appointment due to an influx in visit requests.